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Whether it's employees or consumers, this is the guide you need on boosting the best of their behaviours

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PEOPLE Are strange. 

That's right. Employees and consumers alike.

Deep down, we’re all a bundle of confusing parts.

Psychology, personality, culture and society, mixed together in wonderful ways.

Led by emotion and defined by experience, our behaviour can be perplexing at times.

There’s no straight up and down formula to it, our influences and motivators come from lots of places.

But that’s what makes us so interesting.

So, there's no point in applying cookie cutter ways of engaging employees and consumers, right?

Go team! Let's get motivated!


This is the ultimate guide to boosting the best behaviours of employess and consumers.

Now, we know that's a bold statement. 

But here's your chance to see what's inside this guide.

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  1. Changing your organisational culture - how to get it right
  2. Creating the moment of impact - making your employees and consumers care about your offering
  3. Driving consumer loyalty - capitalising on the moment of impact to create repeat business
  4. Incentivising and motivating sales - going beyond the 'wow' factor of a flashy, disruptive sales incentive



SO, where do we start?

Well, in our Boosting the Best Behaviours guide we looked towards the globe's greatest motivators.

One of the best motivators isn't from a business or HR background.

Not at all, in fact, it was England rugby legend Matt Dawson.

Among many of his insights, Matt explained how many businesses make a simple error with their culture in forgetting about the people who really shape it.

Culture initiatives find themselves coming from the top down, leaving many employees feeling a damaging disconnect between themselves and the business they’re giving their valuable time to. 

If you've already got a handle on what workplace culture really means, pass go...

The next step is positive motivation

Creating a positive business culture starts with humility and being ready to learn from anyone and everyone...

Start motivating employees today. Read on.



The pace of change in employee and consumer engagement is electric.

Innovative new strategies and technologies turn up every day, and that has huge implications for businesses.

Now, they can go way beyond basic initiatives, reaching people on a deeper emotional plane.

As Jamie Mackenzie, Director of Marketing, Employee & Consumer Engagement, Sodexo UK gleefully describes: 

“It’s all about the moment of impact. The ability to create a lasting memory that will ultimately drive the behaviour you want to inspire.”

It all comes back to understanding your audience.

Sometimes incredible incentives need incredible investment.

But more often than not, creativity and context are all businesses need to trigger profound behavioural change.


It's time to stand out. Motivate your consumers. Connect with them.



When you want to drive repeat business, there's only one place to start.

Ask yourself: why do consumers buy from my business?

Brand owners need to understand why consumers are buying products and how these fit into their life, says Chris Baldwin, Director of Consumer Promotions and Loyalty, Sodexo UK.

Is it a lifestyle purchase, like craft Gin, or a distress purchase, like insurance or car tyres?

Is the brand a leading brand or a struggling challenger brand?

You need to understand all of that - and more - because it all helps to determine how much a promotion will influence the consumer.

But if goes beyond that. Far beyond. It's about taking what makes consumers buy from you, putting together future incentives like a promotional campaign, personalised to what your audience are after, and then monitoring the environment.

Don't stand still. Never stand still. Set your sights high.

Grab your guide. Motivate your consumers.




Incentive initiatives often fall into the trap of incentivising just a minority of top performing employees, says Iain Thomson, Director of Incentives and Recognition, Sodexo UK.

Against expectations, those schemes can end up reducing motivation for many employees.

His advice to companies is to focus on personality, communication, and creative reward structures to boost best behaviours across entire business units.

That means be wary of the empty 'wow' factor, you know the one - the one where a special trip to Dubai for yearly top-performers could actually harm overall productivity.

It also means breaking down incentives into achievable rewards for every individual in the sales chain - that's truly motivational.

And don't forget the M word.

Learn what really motivates your team, and then use clear communication and personality to make your incentives stand out.


 Dive in and learn all your need for motivating and engaging your employees and consumers


The above, that's just a snippet of what's in store for you when it comes to our guide on motivating employees and consumers.

Want to motivate a positive shift in the performance of your sales team?

Want to make your workplace somewhere no one wants to leave?

Want to create the kind of emotional bond that makes your consumers squeeze so tight they’ll never let go?

Then this is the guide for you...


What's in it for you?

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Discover how to use sport to cultivate culture
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How to go deeper than the 'wow' moment
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Why getting emotional creates consumer loyalty
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Why positive, beaming employees make for happier consumers

WHy bother boosting the best behaviours?


“It may be ideological, but I believe that we can make the world a better place.”

John Sylvester, Chairman, Sodexo UK.

Disruptive approaches to influencing and motivating behaviour aren’t just necessary in a world of growing competition, he argues - they’re also a colossal business opportunity, and a chance to “make the world a better place”.

The pressure’s building.

With rivals at every corner, businesses need to make every moment count.

Engaging and motivating people, as consumers and employees, turns more than ever on small factors, and that makes understanding and influencing their behaviours a fundamental step for businesses who want to thrive.

And that's why this resource is here for the taking.

It's chocka with invaluable insights and knowledge to inform and inspire you to create quality, long-lasting engagement with your employees and consumers...

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It’s never been easy to inspire audiences.

But we know that it’s possible.

We know what it takes to influence each of these factors and positively change the behaviour of both employees and consumers we see it every day.

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