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Shoppers Want convenience.

That's right. Shoppers aren't looking for convenience stores. Oh no, not at all. What they are after is convenience in stores.

With shopper habits ever changing, grasping what it takes to speak to your target segments isn't necessarily the easiest thing to do.

We feel your pain. That's why we've put together a handy infographic that sums up the key points. No fluff.



They really are.

In fact, a whopping 58% of consumers are actively looking for products and brands which feature on-pack promotions, like this

We don't have to tell you, but let's face it, the landscape of UK shopping has drastically shifted in the last 10 years. And that's not even including the massive change before that.

So, if you're looking to cut to the chase, then hit the download button to find out the top stats you need to know.


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Yes. Its on us!

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It's pretty simple.

UK shoppers are getting savvier, their habits are changing, and so are the supermarkets they visit.

So hit that button below to find out the shopper insights that'll drive your promotional choices today, tomorrow and beyond...

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