Make kindness the norm

Start making a difference, today.

And we are all about spreading positive energy!

During the week of the 11-17th February, Sodexo Engage will be working in collaboration with the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation for their annual “Kindness Week” to spread some love around our workplace and to our clients!

As part of this we will be celebrating all the little random acts of kindness that can brighten up a persons day, and we will be choosing at random a number of clients and users (of our products employees and consumers) to receive a little treat - just from us!

"In a world where you can be anything, be kind"

We will also be using the hashtag #KindnessIsContagious across all of our communication, social media and collateral to promote this week and to help spread the kindness – so feel free to jump on board and spread some kind acts using the hashtag too!

Here’s a link to the foundations page – give them a look and see what it’s all about and look out for more information from us, but for now, kick-start your own wellbeing week by reading our latest blog: Making Random Acts of Kindness In The Workplace That Little Less Random.

Remember to spread the love! #KindnessIsContagious




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