COnsumer promotions: What shoppers think in 2017

Get into the minds of 2000 UK consumers. Learn what they want, how they want it, and what to do about it...

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That's what this report is all about, simply put - a priceless glimpse into the mind of the consumer.

Now socially savvy cynics, consumers are using social media more and more as a way to engage with brands, and try their luck with competitions and promotions. Brands are turning up online, but many are still failing to truly harness the power of social media.

Just being where your audience hangs out isn’t enough.

Marketers need to better understand what consumers want from them in these crowded environments, learn how to inspire action in a space where attention is the currency, connect their digital experience to the physical, and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Those who master it can steal a march on competitors and keep pace with the digital revolution…

So we took the challenge to get to the insights you need to transform your promotions by surveying the modern shopper, and the results are just a click away...

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We're glad you landed on this page, so let's get down to business on all things consumer promotions and give you the info you need to stand out from the crowd.

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  1. Once upon a time...: How the consumer and marketing landscape has changed
  2. Things are getting smart. Very smart: How technology can change your promotion
  3. What's making consumers act the way they do?: Understanding their behaviours
  4. What are shoppers thinking up and down the aisle: What drives shoppers?
  5. Getting to the heart of promotions that ignite consumer interest
  6. Thinking about value: Attracting the right audience to your promotion
  7. How to get your promotions right: Our tips on attracting shoppers




Brands put out products, blind to what the market wanted. If you could make it, well, it was made.

Fast forward to the 2010s and marketing is a far cry from days gone by, and it has changed for the better.

We're better connected, savvier, and know what we want. The smart brands get that. They put their effort into marketing towards what consumer want. They're consumer-oriented, want consumers to get involved in their sales promotions, and reaping the rewards.

When we sat down to pull together this behemoth of a consumer insights report, we didn't just look at what the UK's shoppers said, we also looked towards promotional experts like Carey Trevill, the Managing Director at The Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM).

Here's a look at what she said about modern consumers and how brands are approaching them:

"To grab and, more importantly, hold attention, brands need to be using the right media for the right reasons to ensure advocacy. As we become more and more comfortable with what is possible, brands will need to consider the most effective touch points for their audience types.
Understanding the attractors that typically haven’t changed for consumers is also critical; cash, cars, holidays still feature high on the list for many consumers at a time when brands are searching for what works.
This report holds the key to some of the burning questions brands are asking today..."

From using cinema to ignite your promotions, to the technology that's causing shockwaves across the consumer marketing landscape, get up to date on what your shoppers are after with our free insights report.

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Every day we see the impossible become the possible when it comes to technology. These innovations are being lapped up by consumers, and we'd imagine you've at least thought about grabbing an Amazon Echo. So it stands that your shoppers want to see you using the same sort of technology, right?

As brands and shoppers are using voice tech more frequently, and we're getting used to being contacted by faceless alerts, or being sent alerts from everyone's favourite Amazonian shop via their smartphones, the stats suggest that we're becoming technologically savvier, and that links up well to entering brand competitions.

Consumers are finding your promotions through social, and they love it

That's great, but very few brands go beyond asking their consumers to like or comment on a post to be in with a chance of winning a prize.

But they could do more, especially as the General Data Protection Regulations and general concerns over data privacy remain.

In the US, The Chicago Bears run an ongoing contest asking fans to caption photos of players for a chance to win a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card. The posts encourage fan engagement, connect the social to the football game ‘experience’ and regularly attract between 400 and 1,000 comments.

And the extra good news is that consumers are getting more accustomed to seeing these competitions.

Last year 20% of people told us they found them ‘annoying and intrusive ’, but this dropped to 17% this year.

Did we forget to mention who is winning the battle of the sexes when it comes to entering your promotions using social media? Women.

That's right. Women are driving your promotional uptake on Facebook, with over 40% of women saying they enter competitions promoted by a brand through Facebook, up 10% compared to last year. 

So, as technology increases in its sophistication, we too as a marketing nation have to be prepared to raise the bar with our promotions.

 There's lots out there too. From beacon technology (your favourite supermarkets are already using it to let you know when deals are on in store), to creating personalised gifts like the Nescafe coffee jar alarm, technology is leaving its footprint over sales promotions.

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Getting to grips with consumer behaviour is a big part of the puzzle. 

Ask yourself: why do consumers buy from my business?

Shoppers are enjoying unprecedented convenience, so brands need to deliver this too. Instant coupons, scan-to-win barcodes, and loyalty registration – brands should incorporate novel mechanics that allow quick and instant access to their promotions.

Take your prize. What does it look like? Does it really speak to what your audience are after?

Taking the time to look at your audience data, their behaviours, and wider reading around issues such as a home energy management system might attract more attention from today’s environmentally aware consumers, whereas a travel prize speaks to the wellness craze that's sweeping the globe.

In fact, travel prizes, and a getaway in general, is ultimately what we’re all still living and breathing for, right?

We love to make memories, have fresh experiences and then log on to Instagram or Facebook to share them all with the world...

Just imagine if you won a travel promotion

Well, millennials are dreaming of winning a trip of a lifetime.

Our consumer insights report found that 17% of the 25-34 year old millennials segment believe that experiences trump material things for the majority of this generation. More specifically, when asked what type of travel prize they would prefer, 25-34 year olds remain most attracted by an exotic all expenses paid beach holiday (22%), something which also proved most popular among this age group last year…

So, what does that mean for marketers? Tap into this need to dream about the exotic, the extraordinary, the memorable.

They are looking for something colourful that will capture their imaginations and offer true escapism.

Tying this in with the visual and viral nature of social media too, can really deliver.

Discover more of the consumer behaviours that you need to bring your promotions to life by hitting the download button below...

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A consumer’s path to purchase is a complex journey and offers up so many questions for marketers when mapping out that route. Which promotions get the job done? Which channel should you use? Who’s listening? Where and why?

When it comes to shoppers, and supermarkets in particular, it's not just our taste buds which are changing...

Take a look at the successes of Lidl and Aldi, you'd be forgiven for falling into the trap of stereotyping who is filling their trollies in store, but the fact is that shoppers are after something different, and they're not afraid to shop around.

So, what does this mean for brands and the shopper marketing space?

British shopping habits are more mixed than ever – gone are the days where the average shopper spent every pound under one roof.

That's why we took to the streets of the UK to understand what shoppers are after when it comes to your promotions, and although the statistics are packed into this guide, you can also see what shoppers think for yourself by clicking here.

And if that isn't enough, our friends from the FMCG industry might want to sit up and take notice of this...

Shoppers entering your promotions are getting younger...

Shoppers are changing, and that's great news for those marketers that are ready to change with them.

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In 2016, 34% of people told us they would be more likely to buy a product if it was part of a free cinema tickets promotion, but this year the number had dipped to 29%.

Yet cinema remains a popular way of spending time for many, with nearly one in five people claiming to have visited the cinema within the last three months.

“There are tonnes of ways to enjoy films these days that are slightly out of the ordinary, and brands need to recognise that consumers are looking for new and different experiences. For example, look at event cinema, alternative content, VIP seats, or even the chance to see the film in a different way – maybe a midnight ‘spookfest' at Halloween, or a Christmas Eve festive marathon?" says Paul Parry, Head of Filmology at Sodexo...

Get to the heart of what driving consumer engagement - cinema never fails!

Brands need to be smart, but careful when they're finding the path to igniting consumer interest. Brands must look at the product and the price point to ensure it works.

“We’ve seen high–value products offering high-value cinema rewards. So, cars with free Annual Cinema Passes that retail at over £200. Here, clearly two free tickets wasn’t going to entice a consumer to part with serious ‘car money’!”

That's why this report is your starting point.

It offers you the information you need to buck the trend and make some real noise.

But getting to the heart of promotions that'll make a difference is about more than statistics.

It's about using your intuition, knowing your audience, the technology they're using, and then matching this to the product you're promoting.

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As consumers tighten their belts, it makes sense for brands to turn their attentions to high earners – but are they worth the gamble?

Affluent consumers have, and always will be, aware of the importance of the value of money. 

But we're seeing more and more people going for the premium option.

From gourmet burgers to organic cola like Karma Cola, consumers are actively seeking better quality goods, and price isn't necessarily a sticking point... and Instagram has proven a breeding ground for ‘showing off’ brand choices that promote a certain lifestyle.

In fact...

Consumers are loyal to consistency

That's great, but how can you attract the high earning consumer?

Well, a brand promotion is a safe bet.

Our research shows that it needs to have low odds to have any hope of attracting high earners.

If it seems like there’s a good chance of winning, high earners will be drawn into entering your promotion. For all else, there’s the lottery.

Last year, the group most attracted to buying a product with the chance to win a high monetary prize but with low odds of winning, was people earning £25-30k (14.35%).

This year, it is the high earners who are attracted by this, with those earning £60-70k (28.57%) coming out on top, closely followed by those on salaries of £70-80k (25%).

It’s unsurprising that this often educated bunch want a return on investment.

They’re likely to be time poor, so why waste moments entering something that looks like a lost cause?

It’s a strategy that’s paying off for this earning group, as they’re also the ones continuing to win the most competitions (35.71% last year and 75% this year), suggesting the rich are getting richer, but you have to be in it to win it...

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When we said things were changing, we weren't lying...

But, these changes really are for the better when it comes to how you can connect with your consumers. 

Our guide will help you to not only navigate the future, but we've even included some handy advice on getting consumer promotions right in this new world. Here's a preview of some of our tips:

  1. Keep your finger on the pulse: Things will keep changing. Keep your audience research up to date.
  2. Go viral: Put your consumers in control. Let them tell your story and 'sell' your promotion.
  3. Never assume: Don't judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree...the oldest Twitter user was 104!

Ready to learn more?

After all, it's time to grab your consumers attention and leave them thirsty for more.

And you've got the perfect companion to help you on that path...

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"To grab and, more importantly, hold attention, brands must use the right media for the right reasons to ensure advocacy. "

Carey Trevill
Managing Director, The IPM

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