A perfect match... in the short term..

Engage and retain millennials
for the long term

Millennials have a reputation as learners and leavers and it’s assumed they won’t stick around beyond 1 year. However, our research shows that they are just as likely as any other generation to have stayed with their current employer – whether an SME or large company-  for up to 4 years... But how to take them from 1 year to 4?

To compete, SMEs need to tempt and reward millennials with an attractive package, and if they can’t square up to the salaries of the largest employers, they need other ways to show their force.

Millennials are looking for different things, and that's what we're addressing in our free ebook…


In the ebook, we uncover:
  • 60% say flexible working is the most important perk of a job
  • Why career progression trumps wages
  • Culture’s a big thing for millennials – 1/3 say a strong company culture is key, whilst less than 1/5 of other generations agree
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Millennials and SME's ebook
Millennials and SME's ebook