the UK brand loyalty index 2017

Find out which brand turned the lights up bright and came out on top as the UK's favourite

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Apple, Samsung and Marmite - all top quality brands, and perhaps the finest in the land when it comes to generating a movement, a loyal following - delighted consumers.

For the first time in the UK, you're invited to download a copy of what top brands across five key industries, including tech, supermarkets, food and drink.

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Find their sticking points

It’s the question most brands would love to answer, and get bottled: how do you get customers to be loyal?

Are customers fickle when it comes to shopping, jumping from brand to brand to get the best price?

Or do they stick with a name through thick and thin?

That’s where the Brand Loyalty Index 2017 comes in!


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Discover what really drives loyalty
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Consumer insights - 7,000 to be exact
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The real lay of the land when it comes to UK brands
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How brand heritage and equity impacts loyalty

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'The Brand Loyalty Index 2017 proves that rewarding loyalty is being noticed by consumers and is an effective way to retain a customer base.'

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