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what makes UK shoppers shop?

The marketer's guide to getting UK consumers shopping

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What would you give to uncover whY A CONSUMER pickS your product?

Chances are... quite a lot.

When shopping habits are constantly changing, it's difficult to hold onto your hat and ride it out to a profitable future.

Shoppers come in different shapes and sizes, and as they grow up, so do their attitudes.

Now, wouldn’t it be handy to have a fun, digestible, spot of research to back up a change in your tactics?

That’s where our brand-spanking new video comes in.


what's THat, A VIDEO?

Correct. No reading required.

We made it our mission to hit the streets to get the truth.

That's right, a video where we ask the UK's shopping faithful about all things supermarket.

We get to the bottom of what makes them pick your product over the competition, those impulse buys, and if a promotion has any sway on their purchase habits.

Now, the answer to 'what would you give' to find out all of the above (and the bits below)?

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What do shoppers like and dislike about supermarket shopping?
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Are shoppers really loyal to a brand or shop?
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What does it take for FMCGs to stand out?
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And some handy promotion hacks for that big boost

Is this really free?

Yes. Its on us!

It's OK. We know this is something that’s caught your eye. And what a prize you’re getting. 

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It's a completely free resource that's chocka with invaluable insights and knowledge to inform and inspire readers to create the phenomenal promotions of tomorrow.

Watch the video again and again – show it to your team, show it to your friends, your family…and get ready to take a leap towards drilling down to how you can better serve shoppers.



It's a tough question to ask.

But we guarantee that after you hit that download button below, you'll be armed with the shopper insights you need to transform your product promotions, make them the cash cow you know they can be, and become the toast of the town.

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