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Tourism is booming

Travel and tourism contributed a staggering £5.17 trillion to the global economy in 2014 (Statista). Since then, dramatic growth in the industry has continued - largely driven by the modern consumer ditching material goods in favour of experiences.

With expert advice and industry insights this free, unique guide uncovers the precise process behind every successful travel promotion.


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This ebooks gives you the ultimate six-step, chronological rundown of what it takes to design and execute a remarkable travel promotion - with the name of the game being to share best practice on the process as a whole.

So join us as we explore the logistics and subtle nuances behind one of the most effective promotional marketing tactics out there!

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A chronological rundown of the six-step process
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Best practices and pointers to follow to ensure your brand gets it right
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Key insights into the logistics and nuances involved
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4 big consumer trends to consider when planning a travel promotion

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Yes. Its on us!

This free resource is chocka with invaluable insights and knowledge to inform and inspire readers to create the phenomenal promotions of tomorrow.


'Never has it been so important in the promotional marketing space to offer audiences appealing, money-can’t-buy experiences that drive real, meaningful engagement.'

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