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Every day there is news of a new - ever more unlikely - innovation offering new opportunities to bring marketers' tactical plans to life. 

From emerging trends to innovative marketing in the online and physical space, tech is speeding up the dynamics of your market.

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This is your guide to all you'd want to know about the promotional technology that's setting marketing world alight.

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  1. Personalised marketing technology and beacons - a shining light?
  2. Is 3D printing the future of promotional marketing?
  3. How can marketers use voice tech to talk to their consumers?
  4. How mobile wallets are changing the way we market
  5. What's the Internet of Things are why should marketers care?
  6. Five reasons you should use on-pack promotions to drive your consumers online




 According to an IAB survey, 66% of marketers said that location-based, personalised advertising was the "most exciting" mobile opportunity for 2016.

That's a hefty number, isn't it?

You'd be forgiven for wondering how you can personally advertise through mobile.

Well, look no further than beacon technology.

A small, wireless devices which transmits Bluetooth signals, Apple pioneered these way back in 2013.

The great thing about beacons isn't just their cost, but they've been used effectively by brands big and small.

It makes for what's described as 'moment marketing'.

Moment marketing means taking advantage of an event to deliver interactions with customers in real time. It's all about being relevant and spontaneous, using real-time insight to make an impact.

For example, Carrefour has extensive iBeacon networks in all 28 of its hypermarkets in Romania.

After downloading their app and entering a stores, shoppers receiving push notifications about current special offers within each department, like a 25% off digital radios offer when they walk through an electronics department, or even just announce offers unique only to shoppers using its app.

And the results? Well, try app users growing by 600% in just seven months following the launch.

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Is 3d printing the future of promotional marketing?

3D printing (or additive manufacturing) is a process for making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down numerous successive thin layers of a material. Lasers are used to bind the materials together.

While it’s proving slow to gather pace, this technology has numerous uses, offering huge potential across almost every industry.

In the health sector, 3D printing is already being used to create customised hearing aids, dental implants and prosthetic hands (not to mention detailed models of organs).

And in promotional marketing? Well, 3D printing can enable the printing of a range of items from prototypes and movable parts such as hinges, to marketing merchandise. Think branded USB sticks, branded mugs etc. 

Why does that matter? Well, we love promotional goodies (or SWAG):

  • 83% of consumers like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message
  • After receiving a promotional product, 85% of consumers do business with the advertiser
  • More than half (58%) of consumers keep a promotional product for between one to four years

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As a nation, we’re talking less. Yet voice technology is on the rise. But what could this mean for your brand? 

Our research tells us that 31% of smartphone users make no traditional voice calls in a given week. This is compared to just 4% in 2012. By 2020,85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human. Scary, right?

People are getting more and more used to being contacted by faceless alerts, directing them to the nearest promotions and latest offers via their smartphones.

This rise in voice recognition technology already has the likes of Sony, Google, Apple and Amazon falling over themselves to keep up with developments.

And that spells massive opportunity for brands looking to attract customers.

In fact, you might already be a lucky owner of Amazon Echo, the voice activated virtual assistant now sitting pretty in many British homes. Selling over four million units worldwide (source: 2016 Internet Trends Report, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers), this Wi-Fi enabled speaker is your very own virtual assistant.

For brands, it's a big opportunity, or at least for those brave enough. Enter Capital One.

Capital One's 'skills' allows customers to ask Alexa for real-time account information, including balance updates, recent transactions and to make payments.

The Capital One team put a lot of time in to getting the conversation right, from the start. And it's paid off.

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HOW Mobile wallets are changing the the way we market 

Mobile payments have undoubtedly emerged as one of the most intriguing technologies to penetrate the marketing world…but how can they help drive consumer engagement – is ease of purchase really enough of an incentive?

Mobile payments (or mobile wallets) are becoming widespread, bringing with them a number of opportunities for brands. In essence, they store a digital copy of a consumer’s credit or debit card on the user’s phone, without storing the credit card details itself.

And who's marketing is on top of mobile payments? Tesco's of  course...

In August 2016, Tesco launched its own mobile payment system, called PayQwiq.

It works in the same way as its competitors, allowing shoppers to connect debit and credit cards to the PayQwiq app and pay for items on mobile by scanning QR codes that are displayed on-screen.

However it only works at Tesco and is currently only available to shoppers at a handful of stores, although it is due to roll out across the UK imminently. The maximum payment limit is £400.

Customer insight had shown that a significant number of Tesco customers might be missing out on their loyalty benefits. PayQwiq offered a solution to this challenge, combining a faster way to pay with easy access to instant and personalised loyalty rewards. Shoppers using PayQwiq no longer have to scan their loyalty card separately to collect their ClubCard points. Bingo.


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The Internet of Things might sound like a gimmick, but it really isn't...

It's essentially smart of connected devices which can interact with each other, and with people, over the internet.

Think of a fridge that automatically orders more eggs and milk when it detects that supplies are low, or a car that books a service at the local dealership as it approaches so many miles.

As Andy Hobsbawm, CMO of IoT specialist, Evrythng, told The Economist Group last year,  “Any marketer who is in any business that involves any kind of physical product or asset, either directly or indirectly, needs to understand this is coming, in the same way that digital was happening.

The next playing field of competitive advantage is physical, smart, connected products. It will dramatically change the dynamics of competition and the areas where you can win or lose.”

Take Johnnie Walker...

The fact that they've got technology on their bottles to tell whether it has been opened is game-changing.

“We know the bottle opening event has occurred,” said Balakrishnan. “Our communication can change from guiding the consumer on which bottle to buy to how to best enjoy this product.”

Now that's something to care about...

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FIVE reasons you should use on-pack promotions to drive your consumers online

What are the advantages of guiding participants from the store to a digital platform?

And how can brands ensure that they capitalise on the opportunity without demanding too much of their consumers' time?

Here's a quick rundown:

  1. Ease of capture, cost to acquire and use of data
  2. Take consumers' brand engagement beyond the store
  3. See your conversion rates soar...
  4. Consumers crave an entertaining and memorable experience with your brand
  5. Give your consumers a creative, engaging way to learn about your brand


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