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Are you at risk of high employee turnover in 2024?

Take our FREE Retention Risk Assessment to find out…

The truth is in the data, and to gather ours, we asked over 1,000 UK employees these five questions:


  1. How satisfied or unsatisfied, if at all, are you with your current work conditions (i.e. salary, benefits, work-life balance and career progression) for the year 2024?
  2. How likely or unlikely, if at all, are you to actively search for a new job opportunity in 2024?
  3. If you are considering a job change in the new year, what would be the primary thing your current employer might offer that would influence your decision to stay?
  4. What, in your opinion, should be the top priorities for HR in the upcoming year?
  5. To what extent do you agree or disagree, if at all, that there is a gap between your expectations for 2024 and the HR priorities of your organisation?


All you to do is answer three questions, and we’ll be able to determine your risk level.

Retention Risk Assessment

What can Pluxee UK do for your business?

Our mission is to make your employee experience the best it can possibly be, and we provide products and solutions to make it happen.

Whether you want to boost employee physical wellbeing, provide essential financial support or protect and improve your employees' mental health - Pluxee UK is the partner that gives you more.

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